The MWI solves the measurement problem, avoids action at a distance and indeterminism and does not contradict empirical evidence. Why, then, it is not in the consensus? The workshop will  aim to promote the ongoing debate on the foundations of quantum mechanics by dealing with the major open questions regarding the MWI and its alternatives. 


Among invited Participants:

Yakir Aharonov

David Albert

Valia Allori

Artur Ekert

Philippe Grangier

Adrian Kent

Barry Loewer

Tim Maudlin

Alyssa Ney

David Papineau

Renato Renner

Simon Saunders

Paul Tappenden

Christopher Timpson

Vlatko Vedral

David Wallace

Wojciech  Zurek

Organizing Committee:

Lev Vaidman

Yaron Oz

Guy Hetzroni

Michael Ridley

Meir Hemmo