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The starting point for this workshop is the Many-Worlds Interpretation (MWI), namely the stance that quantum mechanics is everything that has been written about it in textbooks, except for the collapse of the wave function. The workshop will bring leading experts working on quantum mechanics and its interpretations to discuss various aspects of the many worlds interpretations, its alternatives and implications. We will welcome talks related but not limited to the following:

Plurality of worlds: How many worlds in the MWI? How big are the philosophical difficulties it leads to? How difficult is the concept of measure of existence of various worlds.

The formalism and ontology of the MWI: Wave function, Hamiltonian, Operators, space-time. Generalizing the MWI to field theory and also to string theory and other theories of quantum gravity.

The concept of an observer in the MWI: Who am I? Consciousness in the MWI.

The structure of the MWI universeIs there a preferred basis problem in the MWI? What is the role of decoherence due to environment?

Locality and nonlocality in the MWI and other interpretations: Action at a distance. Non-separability.

Probability in the MWI: Is there uncertainty of the outcome of an experiment? Self-location uncertainty. The status of the derivation of the Born Rule.

Objections to the MWI: What are the main weaknesses? Which parts require more analysis?

Alternatives to the MWI: What are the main competitors and what are their advantages? What are common grounds of the MWI with other interpretations?

To understand the scope of the workshop in more detail, please read Why the Many-Worlds Interpretation?

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