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Full program [pdf]

Book of abstracts [pdf]

Poster session

There are free slots available for the poster presentation on Friday. Email  us to add your presentation. 

Open discussion

Every day will  include an open discussion on one of the workshop topics. Everyone is welcome to take part! To give a short presentation (up to 5 minutes)  please send an email in advance, and we will add your name.

Tuesday, 18th: The MWI explains well the evolution of the world we experience but does not single it out from numerous parallel worlds. How important is this weakness? [Nathan Argaman,... ]

Wednesday, 19th: Is "All macroscopic objects are well localized in 3D" a good definition of a world in the MWI? [ ]

Thursday, 20th: Does it make sense to ask “what is the probability of an outcome of a measurement before the measurement has been carried out?" Or is the only meaning of probability in the MWI a matter of self-location ignorance? [Per Arve, ...]

Friday 21st: Can gravity and quantum peacefully coexist? [ ]

Sunday, 23rd: Does decoherence with the environment play any role in the MWI? [Per Arve, ...]

Monday 24th: Why the MWI is not in the consensus?


The  MDPI announces two prizes of 300 SF each:

1) For most profound contribution to discussions.

2) For the best poster.


In addition, the awardees will get a waiver for publication in the proceedings of the workshop in Quantum Reports.

The announcement will be in the last session of the workshop.

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