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The Many-Worlds Interpretation of QM: 
Current status and relation to other interpretations

The MWI solves the measurement problem, avoids action at a distance and indeterminism and does not contradict empirical evidence. The workshop will  aim to promote the ongoing debate on the foundations of quantum mechanics towards consensus by dealing with the major open questions regarding the MWI and its alternatives. 

Among the issues to be discussed: What is the ontology? Who am I? What is our world? What is the structure of the physical universe? Does self-location uncertainty solve the probability problem? Can the Born rule be derived? What are advantages of alternative interpretations? Do we need to modify the MWI of QM in view of quantum field theory? What are the Implications of MWI on quantum gravity and quantum cosmology?


Among Invided Participants Yakir Aharonov David Albert Sean Carroll Artur Ekert James Hartle Adrian Kent Barry Loewer Tim Maudlin David Papineau Simon Saunders Christopher Timpson Vlatko Vedral David Wallace Wojciech  Zurek 


Organizing CommitteeLev Vaidman Yaron Oz 
Guy Hetzroni 
Michael Ridley Meir Hemmo 

Organizing Committee:

Lev Vaidman

Yaron Oz

Guy Hetzroni

Michael Ridley

Meir Hemmo 

Among Invided Participants

Yakir Aharonov             

 David Albert                 

 Sean Carroll                 

 Artur Ekert                  

 James Hartle                

 Adrian Kent                 

 Barry Loewer               

 Tim Maudlin                

 David Papineau             

 Simon Saunders            

 Christopher Timpson    

 Vlatko Vedral                

 David Wallace               

 Wojciech  Zurek          

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